our mission, vision and goals

The mission of A Break for Impact is to connect University of Central Florida students and other volunteers with non-government organizations in the Rio Grande Valley. The focus is on groups that provide humanitarian relief to those living in refugee camps along the US-Mexico border.

It is our ethical duty to develop and create opportunities for students to broaden their legal knowledge and understanding of the law. The best way for students to become knowledgeable in many areas of law and to learn about equity is to participate in community partnerships. The amount of work that needs to be done to address the crisis at the border presents many opportunities for students and community organizations. The task may seem daunting, but we cannot let the immensity of these issues prevent action toward achievable goals.

It is our ethical duty to stand for social justice and provide an equitable opportunity for those seeking asylum. We aim to provide our partner NGO’s with a steady influx of volunteers. By connecting NGO’s with volunteers, we will strengthen their efforts on the ground.

The vision for A Break for Impact is to be a self-sustaining platform that offers volunteer opportunities, encourages student engagement, and provides financial support for active NGO’s. This movement will empower students to actively participate, to use their creativity to change lives, and to amplify unheard voices. Our ultimate goal is to affect policy change in favor of immigrants’ rights.